DPR: Situation on the Donetsk direction escalates dramatically

05.11.2017, the DPR.

Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire by 152 mm artillery and Grad multiple-launch rocket systems on the residential districts of Donetsk and its suburbs, a source in DPR People’s Militia informed a Rossa Primavera News Agency reporter on November 5.

Multiple hits are confirmed in Kiev district of Donetsk. Destruction is registered on 5b, 5a and 63a, Kiev avenue, 7, Aristova st., 84, 53a, 63a, 5b, Partizansky avenue. Fire broke out in one of the locations.

No information on casualties has been received yet.

In addition, Spartak, Yakovlevka, Zhabichevo, Veseloye villages and Yasinovataya and Makeevka outskirts have reportedly been shelled. The shelling is conducted by Ukrainian army’s 25th Independent Airborne Brigade, which had recently arrived in the area of Avdeevka.

Several ambulances are going in the direction of the frontline.

As of 18:30 Berlin time shelling and intense trench warfare continued in the area of Yasinovataya checkpoint and Avdeevka industrial zone.

Ukrainian military almost daily shell the territory of the Republic, however, no such massive shelling of residential districts was seen in the past two years.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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  1. 84, Partizansky avenue is my relatives address. They are refugees in Russia now, hope their property remains intact and no-one else is wounded. Curse the fascist Ukrainian government…

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