The third anniversary of declaration of Donetsk People’s Republic

Thousands of Donetsk residents expressed their readiness to continue fighting against Kiev’s aggression during the rally, dedicated to the third anniversary of the declaration of Donetsk People’s Republic.

The members of the DPR People’s Council and the activists who participated in the events of the spring of 2014, addressed to those present in the square.

“Standing in this square, I recall those days when the people of Donbass firmly said, “No fascism! No Bandera!” Because at the sight of fascists, our blood was boiling. We stood up [to the Kiev junta] for 3 years, and we will continue to stand. Nobody can destroy us!” the member of DPR People’s Council Valery Skorokhodov said.

“Kiev, you villains and sick bastards, the day of reckoning will come! Bear that in mind! Remember, there will be no mercy for you on the Donetsk land, nor in the Heavens! Glory to our people, stood up, stand, and will continue to stand!” the active participant of the events in 2014, retiree Irina Aleksandrovna said.

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