Corriere della Sera: A political earthquake happened in Germany

26.09.2017, Germany.

The political balance in the German parliament has been changed radically, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported on September 25.

The traditional parliamentary leaders such as the conservative bloc of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union led by Angela Merkel, as well as the Social Democratic Party of Germany led by Martin Schulz, gained a historic minimum of voter support. These parties have now fallen from their undisputed position of dominance in the parliament.

Alternative for Germany, the opposition party which is known for its nationalist views, emerged as the third largest party in the German Bundestag. The Free Democratic Party of Germany, the Left Party and the Greens entered the parliament as well, but with lower results. Corriere della Sera described these results as a “political earthquake.”

According to political analysts, the appearance of  Alternative for Germany as the third strongest party becomes a hurdle for Angela Merkel, as head of the leading parliamentary force, since it will complicate her task of negotiating of the formation of a new coalition in the Bundestag.

The right-wing Alternative for Germany party gained 13% of the vote.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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