Supporters of Stepan Bandera are offended by society’s reaction after they shot a taxi driver

17.05.2017, Ukraine.

Supporters of the former Right Sector (organization banned in Russia) leader acted in defense of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists who shot a taxi driver, on May 15, “VESTI.RU” Russian online newspaper reported.

The representative of Yarosh National Initiative organization [Dmitry Yarosh is a former leader of the Right Sector, (organization banned in Russia) – Editor], Andrey Sharaskin, in his comments regarding the shooting of a taxi driver, stated: the attackers will be punished.  At the same time, he noted that Yarosh supporters are offended at social network users, and the residents of the city of Kamensky for reacting in condemnation of those who brutally assaulted the taxi driver.

According to Dmitry Yarosh’s representative, one of the attackers, a veteran of the ATO (the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation of Ukrainian Army in Eastern Ukraine), considered a taxi driver’s show of indifference towards “the great verses” of the Ukrainian nationalist greeting to be insulting, when (instead) he should be grateful for “peace and tranquility in the city of Kamensky [near city of Lugansk in the eastern Ukraine].

Andrey Sharaskin, from Yarosh National Initiative, noted that “the behavior of the taxi driver is outrageous; it is as outrageous as the public reaction to this incident.”

A taxi driver was shot in both legs, in the city of Kamensky [of eastern Ukraine] for refusing to shout “Glory to  Heroes”, a Ukrainian nationalist greeting, on May 14. One of those who tried to prevent the violence also received a gunshot wound. Later, it was found out that Dmitry Yarosh’s bodyguard (a former leader of the Right Sector, organization banned in Russian) participated in the massacre.

“Glory to Ukraine!” and  “Glory to  Heroes! ” are the chant and the response to the Ukrainian nationalist greeting used in the OUN [The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists] of Stepan Bandera [a spiritual leader of the Ukrainian nationalists, a Nazi collaborator].  Supporters of Dmitry Yarosh, a  former leader of the Right Sector (organization banned in Russian), consider themselves to be the keepers of the Stepan Bandera’s legacy.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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