Charity concert in support of LPR took place in Vienna

Parishioners of the Saint Nikolas Orthodox Cathedral in Vienna held a charity concert in favor of child and medical institutions of the Lugansk People’s Republic, the LPR Trade Union Federation press service reports.

There were artists from Russia, Serbia, Georgia, and Slovakia among those who participated in the concert. A priest of Saint Nikolas Cathedral made a speech at the opening of the event. He called those who gathered to have peace in souls and eradicate all malice. Austrian activist Alfred Almeder from the Committee for Peace in Ukraine urged to support LPR.

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Victory Day at the Makeevka school No 53

Vsevolod Grigorievich gave a lesson in courage to sixth-graders. The veteran participated in the liberation of Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the storming Berlin, and told about his combat path and the feat of the Soviet people in the fight against the Nazi Germany. Vsevolod Grigorievich reminded children the importance of learning history, respecting traditions, and supporting the defenders of homeland. The students listened with interest, asked the veteran questions, and told him about their veteran relatives. The children wrote congratulatory letters, which were folded as triangles, as it was done during the war, and drew postcards, which they asked to send to soldiers on the front line. Most letters were signed and addressed to members of the Essence of Time movement fighting in the war.

The celebratory concert took place after the lesson. When Vsevolod Grigorievich entered the assembly hall, the children welcomed him with applause, because for the first time a real living legend came to their school. The students of different ages sang songs and recited poems about the war. Some children brought photos of their veteran relatives, photos of graduates-militiamen killed during the war were brought too. The memory of all fallen in wars against fascism was honored by a moment of silence.

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Supporters of Stepan Bandera are offended by society’s reaction after they shot a taxi driver

The representative of Yarosh National Initiative organization [Dmitry Yarosh is a former leader of the Right Sector, (organization banned in Russia) – Editor], Andrey Sharaskin, in his comments regarding the shooting of a taxi driver, stated: the attackers will be punished. At the same time, he noted that Yarosh supporters are offended at social network users, and the residents of the city of Kamensky for reacting in condemnation of those who brutally assaulted the taxi driver.

According to Dmitry Yarosh’s representative, one of the attackers, a veteran of the ATO (the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation of Ukrainian Army in Eastern Ukraine), considered a taxi driver’s show of indifference towards “the great verses” of the Ukrainian nationalist greeting to be insulting, when (instead) he should be grateful for “peace and tranquility in the city of Kamensky [near city of Lugansk in the eastern Ukraine].

A taxi driver was shot in both legs, in the city of Kamensky [of eastern Ukraine] for refusing to shout “Glory to Heroes”, a Ukrainian nationalist greeting, on May 14. One of those who tried to prevent the violence also received a gunshot wound. Later, it was found out that Dmitry Yarosh’s bodyguard (a former leader of the Right Sector, organization banned in Russian) participated in the massacre.

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Moscow’s apartment renovation law as a mechanism of the authorities’ self-destruction. Report from the rally, May 14.

It should be noted that the people gathered not against the renovation itself, but against the way in which it was presented to the public. According to the residents who came to the rally, the renovation law proposal puts property rights at risk.

Initially, the organizers stressed the non-political nature of this event.

“Generally speaking, we wanted to stay as far away from politics as possible. Ordinary Moscow residents do not go out to protest for such (political) causes. It was important for us to mobilize ordinary people like ourselves”, says Ekaterina Vinokurova, the organizer of the rally.

Nevertheless, posters with visible political content, slogans to overthrow the government, and calls to vote for “the correct” (political) parties were heard from the stage.

“It was not difficult to predict that such a massive resettlement project would cause numerous protests. This proposal is very similar to the self-destructive public reforms of the 1990s, when the whole governing system of the Soviet Union was undermined. Just like then, the political opposition forces may take advantage of a large public gathering concerned over proposed public policy to try to turn it into a coup d’état”, concludes the Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent.

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Venezuela: United States hides financing militants behind fundraising in social networks

The true purpose of the crowdfunding campaigns, started by emigrants from Venezuela in the United States, may be to hide the external sources of financial support for street militants in Venezuela, teleSUR* reported on May 15.

In fourth-generation wars, like the one presently unfolding in Venezuela, crowdfunding is used to finance militants. In the modern world, crowdfunding as a form of fundraising campaigns through the Internet has become very popular, and these campaigns are allegedly for purely humanitarian purposes. William Serafino, a journalist from the Misión Verdad channel, reports that crowdfunding is an effective way to conceal the US support of opposition protest actions in Venezuela, which may be used to overthrow an unwanted government.

The expert also added that such campaigns always proclaim humanitarian goals; but in reality, they are used to veil the real financiers. Being irregular and intransparent, crowdfunding can be used as a tool for money laundering. In the United State Senate, a new bill is being moved forward to allocate a first tranche of $ 10 million, and then another $ 9 million to support the Venezuelan opposition. This will have serious political consequences. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, it is most likely that the US is planning to intervene in Venezuela.

Another example of so-called “humanitarian” campaigns, which finance non-humanitarian goals is the “Helmets vs. bombs” (Spanish: Cascos contra Bombas) project. This project is promoted by Nelly Guinand, an emigrant from Venezuela in the United States, who is currently working as a fashion designer. Nelly Guinand is also a sister of Gaby Espino, an active opposition member and a famous Venezuelan actress, who raises funds allegedly to purchase and dispatch helmets and shields to protect street protesters against “repressions from the Venezuelan government”. This project has already received about 22 thousand US dollars, which have been transferred to Venezuela through PayPal and Amazon. Given the difference in currency exchange on the black market in Venezuela, this amount will be increased thousands of times.

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DPR: Intensive combat is underway on the northern borders of Donetsk

Since the afternoon of May 16, the situation escalated in Avdeevka industrial zone, in the area of the “Yasinovataya” checkpoint, and in the area of Spartak. The Ukrainian army was shelling the residential areas and the DPR PM positions with 152mm artillery, 122mm guns, 120mm and 82mm mortars. There was information on the fire outbreak in a school in the village of Spartak.

The situation was tense on all parts of the front. Active combat erupted north of Uglegorsk and in the area of Logvinovo.

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Ukrainian politician: the decision to block social networks is the renunciation of democracy

“Banning VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks, almost the only sites where users could criticize [the authorities] and defend their position, lead a discussion and share their opinions, testifies that Ukraine has completely turned away from the path of democracy,” said the opposition activist. Medvedchuk noted that the actions of the official Kiev are directed not at strengthening the security of the country, but at suppressing freedom of speech and depriving the people of ways to express their dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities.

Today, Pyotr Poroshenko signed an expanded sanctions list against Russian individuals and legal entities. A number of MPs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, members of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, and several Russian journalists were banned from entering the territory of Ukraine. In addition, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte social networks, as well as Yandex and search engines were included in the sanctions list.

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