Victory Day at the Makeevka school No 53

17.05.2017, DPR.

On May 12, we with Texas and the veteran of the Great Patriotic War1, Vsevolod Grigorievich Kozorez, participated in the celebration dedicated to the Victory Day at the Makeevka school No 53.

Vsevolod Grigorievich gave a lesson in courage 2 to sixth-graders. The veteran participated in the liberation of Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the storming Berlin, and told about his combat path and the feat of the Soviet people in the fight against the Nazi Germany. Vsevolod Grigorievich reminded children  the importance of learning history, respecting traditions, and supporting the defenders of homeland. The students listened with interest, asked the veteran questions, and told him about their veteran relatives. The children wrote congratulatory letters, which were folded as  triangles, as it was done during the war, and drew postcards, which they asked to send to soldiers on the front line. Most letters were signed and addressed to members of the Essence of Time movement fighting in the war.


The celebratory concert took place after the lesson. When Vsevolod Grigorievich entered the assembly hall, the children welcomed him with applause, because for the first time a real living legend came to their school. The students of different ages sang songs and recited poems about the war. Some children brought photos of their veteran relatives, photos of graduates-militiamen  killed during the war were brought too. The memory of all fallen in wars against fascism was honored by a moment of silence.

The students gave flowers to the guests and handed the letters for the soldiers. After the concert, young correspondents interviewed us for the Sparta school newspaper,  the editor-in-chief of which is Galina Viktorovna Tarasova.

1 The war of Soviet Union against the Nazi invasion of 1941, which brought an end to Nazism in Europe

2 The general idea of the “lessons in courage”, a long-lasting tradition, is to remind schoolchildren about the war against fascism in the XX century and to explain them what fascism is. The modern-day lessons in courage in Donetsk People’s Republic also cover the topic concerning the required safety measures for the war period to the students.

Source: Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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