Stephen Cohen: The enemies of Russia should remember who defeated the Third Reich

15.05.2017, USA.

On May 9, those who push for a Cold War with Russia ought to pay tribute to the memory of Soviet soldiers who fell in the fight against Nazi Germany, wrote American historian and Sovietologist Stephen Cohen in The Nation magazine, reported the RIA Novosti news agency on May 14.

According to him, the leaders of the US Democratic Party are instead conducting a new cold war with Russia, and they are striving to completely nullify the possibility of a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington. Cohen believes that the tough anti-Russian position of the American political elite can lead to a full-scale war between Russia and the United States.

“On May 9, while Russia was commemorating the 27 million Soviet citizens who died fighting Nazi Germany, the US political-media class was vilifying the Kremlin and seeking its American ‘puppets’”, Cohen writes.

According to him, Hollywood is doing everything possible to erase the memory of the Soviet people’s role in the victory over fascism from the American consciousness. The Americans are being persuaded that their country solely won the World War II. But Cohen reminds his readers that the US did not leave the Pacific theater of operations while “the Soviet Union fought and destroyed Hitler’s war machine on the ‘Eastern Front’ almost alone”.

Cohen says that supporters of a Cold War with Russia are trying their best to block the rapprochement between Moscow and Washington. “On May 8-9, they should instead have gone to Moscow to commemorate the historic victory over Nazi Germany,” the Sovietologist stresses.

Stephen F. Cohen is one of the best American specialists on the history of the Soviet Union. His 1980s work “Bukharin”, as well as his research on the Gulag played an important role in the ideological war against the USSR. In his recent publications, Cohen repeatedly stressed that the current cold war, unleashed by the US against Russia, is much more dangerous than the last war between the US and the USSR.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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