Kurginyan: We must take what belongs to our future from Lenin

21.04.2017, Russia.

On April 19, during the broadcast “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1“, Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of the “Essence of Time” movement spoke on the need to preserve historical continuity to employ the part of Lenin’s ideological heritage that belongs to the future.

During the broadcast, which discussed the attitude of Russian society toward Lenin, Sergey Kurginyan cited China as a positive example, where the official state policy is no longer as it was in the early years of the existence of communist China. However, the remains of Mao Zedong still rest in the mausoleum, and Mao’s ideas continue to be revered. A similar situation exists in Vietnam, where historical continuity and the memory of Ho Chi Minh is carefully preserved. Sergey Kurginyan gave also a few examples when prominent Western intellectuals, who were not Communists, had called to take a number of communist Russia’s ideas to save the West, as for example “George Bernard Shaw who said Western civilization will perish if it does not take something from there, from Communism. Please note, he did not say, ‘let us seize everything, and start shooting’, and so on. Then Thomas Mann added that money is meant for production, production is meant for Man, and Man is meant for the ideal.”

According to Sergey Kurginyan, the key idea that Communists have tried to uphold was and still is “the unchaining and awakening of the higher creative abilities in every person.” “If humanity misses the great chance to receive this creative impetus, which does not exist in the classical bourgeois civilization, another 50 years may pass, and then a very large part of humanity may become unneeded”, said Kurginyan.

“I want to say that we have certain reserves of hope for the future. At the same time, it is not absolutely necessary to drag everything from there. Therefore, we must see not just black and white, but the phenomenon as a whole, and we must understand what part of it belongs to the future. We have no right to keep the door to the future closed. Lenin and his heritage help us open this door“.

The leader of “Essence of Time” believes that such great individuals as Lenin, Cromwell, Robespierre, or the Founding Fathers of the United States, are chosen people “through whom history and the historical spirit, or the classes realize themselves to move humanity forward.” The most important issue, the political scientist believes, is that this must not stop, “Because otherwise, the only open road is the one that leads to fascism.”

According to the published report of the Levada Center, 57% of those surveyed view the historical role of Lenin positively, which is 17% more than 11 years ago.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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