Russian neurosurgeons share expertise with colleagues from Aleppo

11.04.2017, Syria.

Russian neurosurgeons will help Syrian colleagues not only with saving the lives of those who suffer from the mine explosion injuries, but also with completely restoring their health, said major Rinat Rushanov, a neurosurgeon from the military medical service unit, on April 11th, as reported by TASS Russian news agency.

Russian physicians took part in a medical symposium held in Syrian city Aleppo. During the war, Syrian doctors accumulated extensive experience in the treatment of the war-related injuries. They learned not only to save lives quickly, but also to handle large numbers of wounded.

Major Rushanov, who oversees particularly complicated injuries, stated that specialists from Russia will help their Syrian colleagues gain proficiency in conducting high-tech operations, and to fully restore patients’ health.

Until 2011, the Syrian health care system was notably advanced. At the time, the country had a large number of highly qualified personnel and hospitals with modern equipment.

However, the situation changed with an onset of the military conflict. Hospitals were destroyed; and today, they are often used to store equipment. Reports of doctors being abducted and killed by extremists appear on a regular basis.

Today, the government of Syria is struggling to restore its health care system.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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