International Action in Memory of Victims of May, 2, Odessa

11.04.2017, USA.

Demostrations against the repressions in Odessa took place today near Ukrainian Embassies and Consulates all over the world, said coordinator of the American project “Campaign for Solidarity with Odessa” Phil Wilayto on April 10, according to TASS.

To quote the organizers of the demonstrations, interest in the truthful representation of the events in Ukraine is increasing; and now, such campaigns are held in 17 cities of Europe and North America.

«We are here today to attract the attention to the fact that at the moment brutal political repressions take place in Odessa, Ukraine. They are directed against the families of the victims who died by the hands of Fascist youth in the Trade Unions House and at the Kulikovo Field on May 2 of 2014», said Wilayto.

«Our demands are the following: free all of the political prisoners in Odessa and Ukraine, stop the repressions against the families of the victims of the fire in the Trade Unions House, stop fascism in Ukraine and all over the world!”, stated the campaign organizer.

He added that the goal of this international campaign is to send a signal to “the Ukrainian government that a part of the world is already aware of the situation.”

“We are strongly determined to make all the world be aware of it”, highlighted the human rights defender.

“The campaign of solidarity with Odessa” was initiated by the “United National Antiwar Coalition”, an American human rights organization. Today, members of the organization supported Odessa by conveying the demand to President Poroshenko, via the Ukrainian embassy, for the release of all political prisoners in Ukraine.

On May 2 of 2014, there was a massacre in Odessa, in the Trade Union House when the fire claimed the lives of 48 people, leaving more than 200 people injured. The cause was a conflict which broke out between the defenders of the right to speak Russian freely in Ukraine and Ukrainian radicals. The nationalists drove the participants of the manifestation in the Trade Union House, set it on fire and blocked them inside the building.

Following the investigation of the incident, only the participants of the manifestation in support of the official status for the Russian language were arrested. The police never brought any charges against the nationalists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

* The picture is by NOVOROSS, license CC BY SA 3.0.

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