Economy of Donetsk People’s Republic: Nationalization of factories

From the very beginning one of the primary demands of rebelled Donbass, together with rejection of the approaching Bandera Nazism, was social justice and revision of the criminal privatization of 1990s. Many people who took up arms expected nationalization of the enterprises illegally seized by oligarchs. Many were disappointed. However, it cannot be said the process had been frozen. Currently there is a number of precedents of transition of factories and mines in Donetsk, Gorlovka and Snezhnoye to DPR state ownership.

We hope that the unique metal fabrication factory “DONIKS” in Makeevka will soon join the list of such nationalized enterprises. Its former owner, an oligarch who fled from Donbass in 2014, left all of the plunder behind. The enterprise was shut down, but the workers’ team didn’t fall apart. For two years they guarded the territory of the factory and kept the machines in working order free of charge.

Now the process of nationalization of this factory is underway, for which a special commission has been created. You can see the details in our report.

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