The Right to Oxygen. Part VII.


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Having agreed with this [an anti-Putin conspiracy by the part of the Russian elite which agrees to merging with the West on inferior terms – translator’s note], the reader will immediately go down the well-traveled road from the notorious Washingtonian puppet-masters to the liberal pro-Western Russian elites. They’ll say that something similar happened on Bolotnaya Square in 2011-2012. It is what it is. Some threads of the conspiracy to overthrow Putin in order to guarantee Russia merging with the West on inferior terms and the victory of our local mutacapitalism have to stretch from the US to the extremely pro-Western part of our elite (AKA the anti-elite).

I even described one of these threads, which I said was simply possible. For this, the thread in question was stupid enough to sue me. And not just me, but also my deputy, Yuri Byaly, who always demonstrates an especially delicate and evidence-based analytical style. But, let us be completely honest.

Mr. Strelkov is tightly affiliated not with our well known pro-American liberals. He is tightly affiliated with a famous and respected agency, the reputation of which is entirely different that of Mr. Chubais and those with him. Moreover, we all know exactly what part of this agency Mr. Strelkov is most tightly affiliated with. And, we know what exactly that affiliation is.

I might immediately find myself accused of divulging secrets and trying to damage the reputation of the esteemed agency. But then, this agency should bring in the reins on its own representative, General Tendetnik, who told everybody about Strelkov’s connections, his agency affiliation, and other specifics. General Tendetnik (and we know that he belongs to an agency for which there is no such thing as a former member) bears the sole responsibility of exposing all of the secrets pertaining to Mr. Strelkov and the agency which took him under its wing. This has absolutely nothing to do with me; I can’t possess that kind of information by definition. And, there is a number of reasons why I wouldn’t use that information, even if I gained access to it. Among other reasons is that I would immediately be asked “Where did you get that from? Where is its authenticity?”

Mr. Tendetnik is not the recipient of such questions. He sold Strelkov out completely, down to the bone. He revealed all of the agency secrets. He told the inhabitants of the internet everything he could. I am one of these humble inhabitants. Mr Strelkov didn’t just not condemn General Tendetnik. He met with him. They had a very pleasant conversation. And from that moment, everything became entirely clear.

The behavior of certain so-called “patriotic bloggers” can also be found within the framework of this clarity. As can the behavior of certain politicians, who are in no way birds of Chubais’ nest. It was again Mr. Tendetnik who revealed which camp they belong to. People like Misters. Reshetnikov [Leonid Reshetnikov, SVR Lt. Gen. (ret.) Director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies – translator’s note] and Krutov [Alexander Krutov, editor-in-chief of “Russian House” magazine, former Duma member from the nationalistic “Rodina” party, an open monarchist – translator’s note] are not liberals by any stretch of the imagination. Neither are Misters. Dugin, Fyodorov, and so on. Those who wish to do so can examine the list of people who have been fiercely glorifying Strelkov in spite of everything (including his own confessions describing his treachery). As can be easily determined, this list does not consist of liberals.

Mr. Strelkov stated that he left Slavyansk and other important towns and villages not only without orders, but in direct contradiction of the orders. The nest which I am discussing knows this; and normally, it reacts rather harshly in these instances. But, it forgave Strelkov everything. Moreover, it didn’t even bother thoroughly covering its tracks. It just muttered to Strelkov “You just make sure you keep saying that you support Putin. But, you can keep doing what you’re doing.”

All the while, Mr. Strelkov confided that he wanted to abandon Donetsk. For this too, the nest gave its chick a pat on the head. What kind of nest is this?

I will immediately clarify that I will never indiscriminately accuse all of our agencies of this type of destructive actions and high treason. This would be vulgar and stupid. It would have nothing to do with reality. I sympathize with agencies of this type, and I understand that the majority of the staff of these agencies are patriots of great conviction who act within the framework of law. I’m interested not in these agencies, but in certain elite groups who are part of the “elite of merging Russia with the West”, who have understood that a full-value merger is impossible, and who have agreed to merge on inferior terms. Why did they agree? For different reasons. Some have agreed because they see no alternative to this merger, while other have agreed because it serves their personal interests.

The inferior merger elite plus mutacapitalism, this is what interests me. This specifically, and not the sweeping condemnation of agencies which play a very constructive role. The representatives of these agencies have to agree that there is a black sheep in every flock, and even multiple black sheep. I do not discuss these topics in greater detail in the open press. This is partially because the game is in full swing, and such a discussion would be all too artless.

As H-hour approaches, everything will be made clear. And, we must be ready for this hour. The endgame will be determined by the capabilities of the different sides, their readiness to act with the lights on, by specific knowledge both of an analytical nature and otherwise. It will also be determined by the historicity of the current situation, by the readiness of ordinary people to thwart various elite games with their own actions. Perhaps, the analysis which I have presented will clarify in some way my seeing the Anti-Maidan march, which took place in February 21, 2015, as controversial.

I am sure that those who organized this march and participated in it are absolutely benign.

I am also sure that this march was, to a great extent, the result of grass-roots patriotic impulses, not of some high elite games.

But even if one were to suppose that these administrative games were taking place (I say again that I reject this hypothesis both for moral reasons, and for other reasons), then the game in its notorious “top-down” form could only be absolutely constructive in nature. In other words, it could only be directed at organizing a nice event, not scaring anyone, defending the President, and so on.

Something evil might come not from the bottom, nor from the top. And let me reiterate, I am not suggesting that a vertical “top-down” component exists. But even if it did exist, it could also only be constructive in nature. Everything that is evil could have influenced this event only “from the side”. I have no evidence that this took place. But, I have an intuitive uneasiness which I tend to trust. For what it’s worth, I have been doing this for more than a quarter-century, and one has to agree that I have predicted a number of things. So, if this “from the side” does in fact exist, then it arranges a certain chain. Moreover, when it organizes the first link, it is already aware of the final ones. I do not want to believe this to be true. But if this is in fact the case, then we again have to talk about the actions of the “inferior merger elite”, about the actions of our mutacapitalism, which has allied itself with Western mutacapitalism.

In order for this analysis of mine, which as everyone understands, has not only a theoretical but also a practical significance, to not remain hanging in the air, let us finish discussing how foci of armed resistance are categorized. We will, of course, discuss this as it pertains to Donbass, but it also has a more general significance.

The first type of these foci is that of easily suppressible foci of armed resistance. They can start out like this because they arose from a historical spark. In this case, they either die out, or they flare up. However, another type of foci of armed resistance exists, which are created for the specific purpose of remaining easily suppressible, and their creators have no desire for them to take on any other nature than this. A shining example of this kind of foci is the the resistance of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, which took place from September to October of 1993. This resistance was absolutely legal and noble. The members of parliament, the party representatives, and the ordinary citizens involved in the resistance had the full legal right to resist Yeltsin’s criminal decree #1400. But someone, after infiltrating the ranks of the resistance, made sure that the focus of resistance would remain easily suppressible. That it would not under any circumstances become difficult to suppress, or become unsuppressible. Special steps were made to ensure this.

Russian tanks near the Russian Supreme Soviet. Moscow, October 1993. By Source, Fair use, Link

Moreover, the goals of those who controlled the parameters of the focus that was created in the Supreme Soviet, of those who kept this noble spark from flaring up, were obvious. By creating an easily suppressible focus and then suppressing it, they managed to a) push through a peculiar Constitution, b) get rid of inconvenient political figures, c) create an atmosphere of fear throughout society, d) group together forces in the unique manner that was necessary to conduct an extremely dubious privatization… And so on.

I say again, this does not in any way mean that members of parliament and ordinary citizens did not have a spontaneous and virtuous desire to resist Yeltsin’s lawlessness. Nor does it mean that those filled with indignation did not have the legal right of armed resistance. It was all there, both the law and authentic indignation, which triggered the formation of a focus of virtuous and legal armed resistance against the usurpation of power.

However, the real designers of this focus wanted it to remain easily suppressible, and to be suppressed. Staying in the shadows, these real designer kept everything under control. Their opponents, on the other hand, did not have the necessary political resources to take the process of this focus taking form out from under the control of those elite players who were manipulating it from behind the scenes. I described in detail 22 years ago [in Lessons of Bloody October – translator’s note] what exactly these manipulators kept those who revolted from doing.

They cut the building off from its autonomous electricity supply. It is important to note that this building was a civil defense structure of the highest category.

They cut the building off from its broadcasting center, which allowed to somehow interact with society, which was misinformed by the TV channels, which had taken Yeltsin’s side. (Remember, there was no internet at that time to speak of.)

They interfered with organizing a serious defense of the building. In fact, it would not have been difficult to destroy the few tanks that assaulted it using the anti-tank weapons which were supposed to be brought to the building.

Russian Supreme Soviet after being shelled by tanks. Moscow, October 1993

They drew the people out of the building, and they led them to the Ostankino TV center. They executed a foolish and weak attack against Ostankino. This is in light of the fact that Ostankino’s electricity supply was located in a different place, and even if it would have been captured by the rebels, which was impossible, everything would have been turned off anyway; meanwhile the Yeltsinists had another functioning TV center at Shabolovka.

And so on, and so forth.

This is how specifically an easily suppressible center of armed resistance is artificially formed. It is a spark, which on one hand, is struck; but on the other hand, it is not allowed to turn into a flame. This is how a special game defeats history.

And, there is reason to believe that in the beginning, the center of armed resistance in Donetsk was being formed according to the same model of the special game. That nobody wanted this center to be a historical spark from which a historical fire could flare up. That it was only needed as a bloody show for a special game.

  • To create an easily suppressible center of armed resistance.

  • To start attacking it with “Grad” rocket artillery, which means driving millions of eastern Ukrainians, the so-called “Moskalized” off of their land. Remember that Bandera, Shukhevych, and their successors always made plans that have ridding the land of the “Moskalized” in one way or another as their cornerstone.

  • To discredit Putin and Russia with screaming about how they “screwed” Novorossiya. Or even to embroil Russia with these screams into a crude, head-on, and reckless occupation which would be doomed to failure from the beginning.

  • To suppress the focus of resistance in Donbass by preventing its transformation from an easily suppressible focus into a different one. To suppress this consciously arrested special focus after millions would already be driven from their land, and Putin would be compromised by his failure to act (moreover, if he gets pulled into the war, this would not be any less destructive).

  • To redeploy a large number of armed men, enraged by being “screwed”, to Russian territory…

  • To combine their anger with the anger of the refugees and the popular masses.

  • To organize a march on Moscow and a Maidan in Moscow.

  • To clear Crimea out while this is all going on.

This is the scenario, or Plan B, for which “the inferior merger elite” created the focus of easily suppressible armed resistance. This is why they consciously interfered with this focus’ attempts to develop into a focus of more serious resistance.

Here you have an exact remake of what happened in 1993 in the Supreme Soviet. The technology is the same, and the theater director… is still alive and kicking.

But this time, it didn’t work.

The transition of the focus of armed resistance in Donbass from the category of easily suppressible foci to category of foci which are difficult to suppress began during the middle of June 2014. It is then that part of Russian civil society that possesses the necessary capabilities managed to deliver a large quantity of various types of armaments to Donbass. The fairy tales that these armaments did not reach Slavyansk are disgustingly false. How much was sent specifically to Slavyansk and how much arrived specifically to Slavyansk is known. Many other things are also known.

And, how did Strelkov’s handlers react to this? How did the hero of Novorossiya react himself?

Neither the handlers, nor their protege were at all happy that they received weapons. Conversely, receiving weapons saddened them horribly. They became disoriented and furious. This is because their plans in no way called for the easily suppressible focus of armed resistance to even turn into a focus of resistance that is difficult to suppress, and most certainly not into an even more powerful focus. About three weeks after the beginning of these deliveries by, I repeat, non-state actors, which Strelkov and other provocateurs will call “Voentorg activity” [Voentorg, literally “military trading”, is the Russian term for a surplus store. In this context it pertains to allegations that Russian military units were covertly transporting weapons into Donbass.], Strelkov’s desertion from Slavyansk began.

After ceding Slavyansk, which was not being attacked and had everything necessary for a prolonged defense, to the enemy with no reason and against orders, as well as Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, and Konstantinovka, Strelkov then ordered his cronies to abandon other settlements. He then intended to abandon Donetsk and retreat into Russian territory. I am repeating what Strelkov himself told the “Zavtra” newspaper, as well as what Mr. Borodai, a figure close to Strelkov told the website

I will add another general consideration. A careful reading of all of the thoughts that Strelkov has shared reveals that this gentleman hates history. That he finds any unfolding of events other than Russia’s head-on deployment of its army onto Ukrainian territory to be repugnant. That he considers relying on the people to be impossible by definition. For to him, the people are dirty cattle. The work has to be done by proper and regular state institutions. Because, from a White Guard and historical re-enactment standpoint [Strelkov was previously heavily involved in historical re-enactments – translator’s note], this is beautiful. You see, this doesn’t just have to do with special considerations, which of course are the most important of all. This has to do with types of people. Or to be more exact, with a certain kind of theatrics.

Strelkov does not at all discuss what would inevitably happen after the deployment of Russian forces to Ukrainian territory, which he so desires. He also does not discuss exactly what part of Ukrainian territory the Russian army should be deployed to. He also fails to mention what decisions not by NATO but by the UN would result from such a deployment. Neither does he talk about the scale of anti-Russian resistance which would result from sending the army into, let’s say, Dnepropetrovsk, where anti-Russian propaganda has very much produced an effect. Neither does he says anything about the consequences of one territory or another being deemed occupied.

In other words, Strelkov does not see the deployment of Russian forces onto Ukrainian territory as a plan that needs to be realized, nor as a project that has alternatives as well as risks and benefits. No, this is a PR-utopia, which is necessary to discredit those who are actually working to strengthen the real focus of resistance by the militia in Donbass.

The hollow-hearted references that it will be separate government officials and not the Russian head of state who will be discredited are directed at complete idiots. Everyone else, including Strelkov’s handlers, understands full-well who their protege is attacking. And after Minsk-2, this became clear to even the most feeble-minded of Strelkov’s fans.

The attack was against Putin, who did not abandon Donbass, and who managed to outplay the emissaries of the New Rome. Who skillfully applies economic leverage to the Ukrainian situation, and so on. In doing so, he interferes with the “inferior merger elite” executing its project. This elite is infuriated. But, let us finish discussing the topic of Donbass, which is extremely important to us, and where history marvelously combines the individual and the universal.

And so, from April to June 2014, the painful establishment of precisely an easily suppressible focus of armed resistance in Donbass was underway. The series of events that took place during this time can thus be seen as a single process in which this kind of resistance took shape. Or to be more precise, as the first phase of the process, during which a focus of easily suppressible resistance takes form.

What is outside this normal series of events is Russian non-state institutions supplying Donbass with a large amount of serious weaponry. What did Strelkov spend the most time whimpering about both before and after these shipments began? He was saying that the militia lacked weapons. In abandoning Slavyansk, Strelkov left the Ukrainians an abundance of these weapons. Believe me when I say that this statement is based not on Ukrainian misinformation, but on eye-witness accounts and very specific and irrefutable facts.

Regardless of it all, starting with mid-June the process of the focus of armed resistance taking form in Donbass entered the new, second phase: now a focus of armed resistance began to take form which is difficult to suppress. It began to take this form not thanks to Strelkov, but in spite of him. Strelkov did everything possible and impossible to prevent focus of resistance which is difficult to suppress from forming. He continued to interfere with the formation of such a focus up until the moment that he was banished, along with the rest of Malofeev’s men”. After his banishment, he continued to do everything he could so as not to allow the transition of the process from the formation of an easily suppressible focus to the second phase, the formation of a focus which is difficult to suppress.

But, such a focus took form.

Well, said the junta, if we are faced with a focus which is difficult to suppress, then we need to work harder and suppress it. And, the junta began its forced suppression. Strelkov’s ceding key DPR territory to the junta made this markedly easier. The junta went wild. The militia resisted. Strelkov ran his mouth about the futility of this resistance. And, with the blessing of his handlers, he continued to interfere.

This continued until September 2014. It was in September, when the second wave of the militia, whom Strelkov and other provocateurs call “vacationers” [implying that they are actually Russian army regulars – translator’s note], dealt a catastrophic defeat to the death squads. From this moment, the process of the focus taking form transitioned into the third stage: the focus went from difficult to suppress to unsuppressible. This is precisely why the Minsk cease-fire accords were signed, which Strelkov began to viciously slander. Again, with the blessing of his handlers.

However, the entire experience of forming foci of resistance during the post-Soviet period is based on signing agreements which mean almost nothing on the level of written words, but they mean very much in terms of the existence of a certain agreeability. This is because every such fact of agreeability happens only because the said focus of resistance has become sound, be it in Transnistria, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, or anywhere else.

And so, after September 2014, the focus of armed resistance in Donbass went from difficult to suppress (the second phase of a focus’ formation) to unsuppressible (the third phase). The events falling outside the norm, which carried the process into its new phase, were the catastrophic defeat of the death squads and the Minsk accords, which were made possible by this defeat.

However, the mudslingers led by Strelkov screamed that the peaceful pause, which was made possible by these accords, and which brought upon the transition of the process into the third phase, was beneficial only to Poroshenko. You see, only he would use this pause to boost the fighting power of the death squads, but the militia would not utilize this pause in any way. Moreover, the militia would begin to disintegrate. But, something different happened.

Ukrainian military hardware abandoned near Debaltsevo

A structure of rebel statehood began to emerge. It is very rough and imperfect, but it is not devoid of initial soundness. And, this was not just in military terms. Again, this is a very rough and imperfect structure. What is being discussed is a very peculiar soundness of the rebel movement in Donbass. I see huge defects in it. There are various ticking time bombs laid within this soundness. But, at least some sort of soundness began to haphazardly emerge. Having emerged, it first led to the liberation of the Donetsk airport, this symbolically and strategically important piece of territory. It then led to the cauldron in Debaltsevo.

Through this, the formation of the focus of resistance moved to its fourth phase: the phase of unsteady tactical offensives. The transition to this phase, which so frightened Merkel, Hollande, and Obama, with whom the two Old European leaders were in constant contact during their visit to Putin, allows the militia to slowly regain the DPR and LPR territory which Strelkov and his cronies abandoned. The process by which this unsteady tactical offensive capability takes form will be excruciatingly painful. But, if the DPR and LPR will take form as foci of this offensive capability, then sooner or later, they will take the entire territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. Including the part of the territory that was disgracefully abandoned by Strelkov and his cronies.

Then and only then, the process of forming the focus of armed resistance will enter its fifth phase: the phase of the sustainable tactical offensive.

The sixth phase will be the phase of the strategic offensive.

In both the fifth and the sixth phase, the main power will be the people of Ukraine. Provocateurs will try to turn the process into the direction of terrorism. But, they will fail. It will be not terror, but the legitimate anger of the masses that will play the decisive role. It will be enough for this peaceful and legitimate social protest to emerge during the sixth phase, for example, in Kharkov, for the junta to come crashing down. This is because it will be impossible to suppress the powerful, legitimate, peaceful movement in Kharkov in the presence of a powerful militia. The militia will not aggressively take the place of Kharkov’s citizens. But, it will not allow the bloody death squads to have their way with these citizens.

DPR Head Zakharchenko (center). Donetsk People’s Republic is a focus of resistance, which is difficult to suppress

Much work lies ahead. Very powerful forces will try to interfere. We already see how these forces are interfering. We understand what forces they are. They are forces whose aim is to merge Russia with the West on inferior terms. In other words, they want the West to swallow up a dismembered Russia. It was these forces which were thwarted when they tried to actively play the Strelkov card, turning this traitor into a hero and wonder-worker, who is ready to lead a popular uprising against the tyrant Putin.

In reality this uprising was supposed to get rid of Putin as a barrier in the path to merging Russia with the West on inferior terms. Which, after the West’s refusal to merge at full-value, became the only possible alternative.

This means that we must reject merging as such. We must present this merging with a globally capable alternative. But, does building classical capitalism in a single Russia possess this kind of capability? This is in light of the fact that not even a hint of a pivot in this direction, away from merging with the West, can be seen.

We probably need something bigger. This bigger thing can be seen through our concept of a split inside capitalism into classical capitalism and mutacapitalism. It can also be seen through the concept that we proposed regarding an alliance between Red forces and the forces which are defending classical capitalism from mutacapitalism. In other words, of an alliance between the new communists and the classical conservatives. Nobody before us spoke of such an alliance. Furthermore, there never before was a basis of such an alliance. It has now emerged for the first time.

It will be possible to outline this alliance, along with the multistructurality from which it arises, only if the “elite of merging with the West” can really be split. Or to be more exact, if this split will finally be articulated. In that case, the Russian classical capitalist elite (which has a very serious state capitalist component), in rejecting the concept of merging with the West unconditionally, in describing the modern West as mutacapitalism, can become a global factor. It can then unite with the new non-capitalist elites, which are free from mutant leftism, from neo-Trotskyist leftism, from neoconservative globalist fantasies, and other pathology.

Which will happen first: the emergence of Russian classical capitalism as a force which is ready to fight mutacapitalism and the formation of an alliance between this force and the new forces which advocate for the possibility of non-capitalist development, or that which the mutacapitalists are preparing in alliance with various proponents of a questionable archaicity? These enemies of Russia are, first and foremost, preparing to overthrow Putin. And, they are not hiding this. Nemtsov’s murder is a new and far from the last project aimed at the overthrow of Putin and the victory of the local mutacapitalism.

The process will unfold very rapidly. The result will depend on how quickly the supporters of classical capitalism will react to their opponents’ actions. This includes the actions first of those who tried to play the Strelkov card, and then of those who tried to play the card of Nemtsov’s murder. But really, are we talking about different forces? Perhaps we are dealing with a slightly complicated picture which is meant to conceal that fundamental thing which we have understood.

We have understood what is most important. It is that the forces which have made their wager on an inferior merger between Russia and the West and on mutacapitalism, are now taking active measures. The countermeasures against them must be sufficient. This means they must be smart, calm, precise, reasonable, and timely.

Until we meet in the USSR!

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This is the translation of the fourth and final part of the second article (published in “Essence of Time” newspaper issue 118 on March 12, 2015) by Sergey Kurginyan on the new ongoing mutation of capitalism. Capitalism is destroying nation states in favor of a global state; it is destroying the family as an institution, and it is reformatting itself into something entirely anti-humanistic. In doing so, the new mutated capitalism, with its twin brothers, neofascism and radical Islamism, inevitably clashes with classic capitalism. Whose side should Communists be on in this battle? You will find the answer in this series of articles.


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