Humanitarian Aid for Donbass: Medicine for Sophie from Pedro (UK)

In the end of September 2016, Sophie’s mom contacted “Essence of Time” unit in DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) to ask for help for her daughter, 13-year old girl, who suffers from cerebral palsy, tachycardia, and tendon issues. The family constantly needs certain medicines, which are too costly for the family budget.

Sophie’s mom also said in the interview that the district, where the family lives has been constantly shelled by Ukrainian army. Some bombs exploded just near the family apartment. And as a result of such shelling the little girl had a heart attack.

Russell Bonner Bentley aka ‘Texas’ from the “Essence of Time” unit in DPR published a post about Sophie and her mom and their appeal for help. Pedro from UK has reacted and transferred the required amount of money for the little girl. The fund raised were used to buy the required medicines and a puzzle, because Sophie loves to do puzzles. This puzzle, which was bought on the money from Pedro, would be a Sophie’s present for the kind Englishman, when he comes to visit the girl in Donbass.

Pedro has also promised to transfer the money for medicines every three month so that Sophie always has essential medicines.

Thank you very much, Pedro! And thank you all kind people for your humanitarian help and donations for the people of Donbass!

If you would like to donate a little cheer to Sophie, to the innocent victims of the war, to the “Essence of Time” information crew or to the Heroic Defenders of Donbass, you can donate via PayPal at “Essence of Time” or Russell Bentley account:…

Please indicate the purpose of your contribution, thus it will be aimed at the social group you mention.

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