Donbass with Texas. Episode 13: "Donbass Football"

Before the war, Donetsk was well-known as the capital city of football. And despite the fact that the DPR team hasn’t gone to France for the European Championship this year, football in the republic is still alive and keeps developing. As a substitute for ex-prominent and luxurious clubs, escaped for Ukraine, you will discover some new teams and the start-up of a new league.

One of such beginners is FC «Vostok» that was started up upon an initiative of some amateurs «from the yard». Now they are bringing professional football to life in DPR. The guys have already shown themselves in the best light in the Republic and the City Championships. But they are in a severe financial problem that has imperiled the survival of the club. The club is in need of any grant in aid for their payment of dues, the uniform purchasing and traveling allowance.

We do hope that someone who is not indifferent to destiny of sports in DPR, will respond and take this young and up-and-coming club under his patronage.
FC «Vostok» contacts:
Tel: +380958151671 (Dmitry)
Group in VK:

You can donate:
Sberbank card: 4276 3800 6849 9404
Yandex.Money Wallet: 410011379351098

or via Russell Bentley…

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