Ex-general prosecutor: Investigation of the “Katyn case” was hardly objective

30.04.2024, Moscow.

Russia made many kinds of concessions in previous years out of a desire to please the West, former Russian Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov said, TASS wrote on April 29.

According to him, both the statements by Russian politicians and the Russian State Duma’s recognition of the guilt of the “Stalinist regime” did not take place when Skuratov was head of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

“Initially, there were statements by [Mikhail] Gorbachev, who gave the Poles copies of some political documents. Then in 1993, there was a statement by [Boris] Yeltsin. And I became head of the Prosecutor General’s Office on October 24, 1995,” he said. The investigation was conducted after he left the post of prosecutor-general in 2000.

“I have great doubts that this investigation was objective. There must have been some kind of political decision. After all, we were still full of desire to please the West, and many concessions of various kinds were thrown into this furnace, so to speak, from our side,” Skuratov emphasized.

He added that the Poles asked Russia to jointly investigate the deaths of several thousand servicemen deported from Poland at Katyn. However, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said then that it would agree “on one condition: in parallel, we will work on the case of genocide in 1920 of 60 thousand if not more Russian Red Army soldiers who were captured in Poland ,” the former prosecutor general explained.

He specified that after that the Polish side abandoned the idea of joint investigation. After all, in 1920, “very quickly these tens of thousands of people died, died of disease, malnutrition and so on,” Skuratov explained. “This is a fact of real genocide, and in quantitative terms does not compare with the Katyn” victims, he emphasized.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency