Donbass: Donetsk school #13 gets humanitarian aid from Moscow gymnasium #1583

The students of Moscow City Gymnasium No.1583 named after K. Kerimov collected literally everything that the students of Donetsk comprehensive School No.13 needed for their studies, creative work and playing sports. A lot of books, erudition and memory board games, foodstuffs and clothes, were sent to the teachers and the kids. The Relief consignments were delivered to Donetsk by “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance” and “Essence of Time” activists. The children organized a short tour across the school and showed the sports hall. They were really happy to have all those new volleyballs and brain games.

As a keepsake for their new friends in Moscow, they handed over some hand-made art projects. The school principal, Natalia Igorevna, voiced the hope that the students would pick a place in their gymnasium for the creative works of children from Donbass. On behalf of the school administration, all the students and their parents, she expressed hearty thanks to Moscow city Gymnasium for gathering humanitarian aid.

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