DPR: "Shiba" and "Grom" are back in Donetsk

We have met with our brothers in arms, Shiba and Grom, in the memorial complex “To the Liberators of Donbass”. Our friends returned to Donetsk after several months of treatment, as soon as they started walking on their new prosthetic legs. They can’t actually dance lezginka yet, but they walk quite confidently, aiding themselves with crutches. Lezginka is just a matter of time, but they have more important things to do than that: the guys have already registered at their military base as persons who have returned after medical treatment, and are ready to proceed to their duty.

There is a lot of things to do, Donetsk People’s Republic Army needs soldiers trained this well, soldiers motivated by high ideals, soldiers who have such a combat spirit like our brothers in arms.

Shiba and Grom told us about the medical treatment they received, their plans, thanked everyone who helped them overcome the hardships, the people who helped them stand on their feet again: “Essence of Time”, “Vostok” brigade, and ordinary people who were touched by the story of how the guys were wounded that we told some time ago.

With jokes and serious talks time flew by really fast, we said goodbye to our friends and they have left to their regiment.

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