Head of Kiev Junta Declared Conditions to Holding Elections in Donbass

03.11.2015, Kiev.

The reinstatement of political parties and mass media supporting Kiev junta must be a condition preceding the local elections, Pyotr Poroshenko said in his interview to local TV channels of junta controlled territories.

Militants should not and will not put us any conditions. We are sovereign, independent state and we must assure coordinated steps in accordance with Minsk agreements that reinstate sovereignty of Ukraine on occupied territories” – he said.

Elections is just one of the extremely important parts of this process. In Minsk agreements, there are clearly defined things that must precede to the beginning of election process: it is the reinstatement of activity of Ukrainian political parties and mass media, the reinstatement of authority of Justice Ministry that establishes election committees, the withdrawal of illegal military formations (from these territories – ed.)” – Poroshenko declared.


Source: RIA Novosti

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