Nationalists Attacked People Honoring Memory Of May 2 Odessa Massacre Victims

03.11.2015, Odessa.

On November 2nd on the Kulikov Field in Odessa, nationalists have attacked people who came to honor the memory of May 2 massacre victims. As “Hromadske TV ” has reported, attackers pulled out and burned a poster with names and photographs of people died in the Trade Unions House.

«On Kulikov Field, several dozens of people have come to honor the memory of victims died in the Trade Unions House on May 2, 2014. At the same time, the activists of Automaidan have arrived and played their patriotic music. The groups were separated by cordons of militia. But the clashes could not be avoided. Automaidan activists have burned a banner with pictures of people died one and a half year ago, there was an inscription on it “They were born to live. Their lives were taken.”» – report says.

Source: TASS

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