Fields cleared of landmines sown by farmers of DPR Shakhtersky district

Shakhtersky district farms has completed half of the autumn sowing already, according to the Shakhtersk district Department of Cooperation with Agricultural Producers head Elena Fedyushina.

The leaders in sowing are the best farms of Chelyuskintsev districts,Donbass” and “Rozovskaya Poultry“. They were the first to sow half of the cultivated land,” said Elena Fedyushina.

According to her, the winter crop in Shaktersky district will be increased on “over dozens of hectares.” “This will be possible thanks to the experts of Ministry of Emergency Situations who examined the area on the contact line and the fields exposed to shelling during the fighting. Now the fields are returned to agricultural use. Winter crops are among the most important parts of it“- said the head of department.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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