[18+] "The Right Sector": the history, fascist ideology and role in Euromaidan (Ukraine)

A detailed movie about the Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization “Right sector”, its history, the fascist ideology and its role in the military coup of Euromaidan in 2014 in Ukraine. The movie includes genuine quotes of the representatives of the Right Sector together with quotes of the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism (Bandera, Stetsko, Shukhevych, etc.).

WARNING: The movie is published to raise awareness about the violations of human rights by Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations, e.g. the “Right Sector”. This movie includes some pictures and footage of graphic violence and that is why there are age restrictions: 18+.


The history of Ukrainian nationalism is also covered in the movie. It includes details about the role of Bandera and his Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in the mass murders in Lviv (Lvov) in 1941 and Volhynia in 1943. The connection between Ukrainian Nationalists and German fascists and SS forces in the middle of the XX century is also deeply analyzed in the movie. A special attention is paid to the after-war period of Ukrainian nationalists and their activities in Europe and USA.

Additionally, the sequence of mass murders, conducted by the “Right sector” in Odessa in 2014 and other cities of the Southeast of Ukraine are covered in the movie.

Strongly recommend this movie to everybody, who wants to have a deep and factual understanding of the current Ukrainian process and its genesis and who wants to know the true face of Euromaidan.