28.03.2015 American who fights in Donbass against Kiev fascists talks about the war in Ukraine [EoT TV DPR]

From the very beginning of the Maidan in 2013, the militiaman from the United States, call sign “Texas”, has realized that the USA is about to destroy Ukraine and bathe it in the blood of a civil war – like they did in Libya in 2011, like they did in Syria. More than that, whilst the powers the United States supported in Libya and Syria were radicals, Islamists like Al-Qaeda (Organization banned in Russia) and ISIS (Organization banned in Russia), the leaders of the US-supported Ukrainian Maidan of 2013 were true fascists, Nazis, mostly – the supporters of the Ukrainian fascist leader Stepan Bandera.


“Texas” believes that these fascists who have now seized the power in Ukraine would have never succeeded in staging a coup if not for the support (both by “rhetoric and action”) of the United States. Being “an American and a citizen of the world”, as well as an antifascist and a communist, “Texas” felt personal responsibility, a personal need to help the people of Ukrainian Donbass defend their homes from the Bandera fascists who consider the residents of Ukrainian Donbass to be subhumans, inferior to “real Ukrainians.”

“Texas” has been fighting for four months now and he sees the crimes of the Kiev fascist junta and the United States that support it with his own eyes. “Texas” believes that what happens in Ukraine is going beyond genocide. Having personally witnessed the meaningless atrocities supported by the United States and conducted by the Ukrainian fascist battalions – the murdered women, murdered children, the purposefully bombed hospitals, schools, residential buildings of Donbass – he thinks that what happens in Donbass is nothing less than Armageddon, a decisive battle between good and evil.