18.02.2015 Social canteens for the Petrovsky district of Donetsk [EoT TV DPR]

Social canteens and field kitchens for the civilians of Donetsk. This is a second report about social canteens and filed kitchens, which have been organized by the “Vostok” brigade, for the civilians of Donetsk.

The Kiev junta has been trying to destroy the citizens of Donetsk for more than half a year now. The civilians have been under constant shelling by the Ukrainian army. More than that, in November 2014 Ukrainian President Poroshenko signed a decree that cut economic ties with militia-controlled areas of Donbass by freezing bank accounts of civilians and denying them social payments. It means that Kiev had officially started the social-economic blockade of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. The civilians of these regions gave their entire lives to work for Ukraine, but they have been denied all social benefits and pensions by the official Kiev.


This made it impossible for many civilians in Donbass to even meet their daily essential food needs. That is why militia established a network of social canteens in Donetsk in order to save these civilians form starvation. Thousands of people are receive meals in the field kitchens and social canteens daily. It is hard to imagine what would have happened with the residents of Donetsk without this support from militiamen.