16.01.2015 Field kitchens for the civilians of Donetsk Petrovsky district by the “Vostok” brigade [EOT TV DPR]

Field kitchens for the civilians of Donetsk organized by the “Vostok” brigade

A militiaman, who is a cook himself, explains how these kitchens work: every day militiamen deliver food for residents of Donetsk who have to stay in bombshelters and who have no money to buy food, because the Kiev junta confiscated all social and rental payments of the Donbass civilians.

More than a thousand people receive meals in such field kitchens every day. It is hard to imagine what would have happened to the residents of Donetsk without this support from militiamen. The living conditions which the Kiev junta has created for the people of Donbass are beyond any human understanding. The citizens describe these conditions as “living like dogs, thanks to Kiev”.