03.02.2015 “We are not going to leave Donetsk!” – interviews with DPR residents [EOT TV DPR]

On February 3, Kujbyshev district of Donetsk got shelled by Ukrainian army. One house burned to the ground, one was partially destroyed, many apartments of the apartment buildings located in the district were damaged. Citizens were killed and injured. Interviews with local residents in the report.


The citizens of Donbass live under non-stop shelling by the Ukrainian army. They have lost their relatives (children, spouses, parents), roof over their heads, jobs, peace. They live under constant risk of being killed. These citizens cannot understand how Ukrainians could trust the current Kiev’s media propaganda which claims that Donetsk residents and militiamen shell Donetsk themselves.

The citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have not lost their spirit: the spirit of resistance, the spirit of the fight for the Motherland. “We are not going to leave Donetsk! This is our Motherland. They won’t scare us!” – it is the most important message that the residents highlight in their interviews.