08.02.2015 The punitive operation of the Kiev junta in Donetsk: peace with fascists not possible [EOT DPR TV]

Leninskij district of Donetsk got shelled on February 8. Seven to fifteen mortar shells hit the district. Several buildings, including private apartments, were damaged and partially destroyed, one car burned down. Several citizens got injured.


A Donetsk citizen showed pieces of a mortar shell which she took out from the walls of her apartment after the shelling to the correspondent. The citizens of Donetsk expressed their total disappointment with the work of OSCE: “OSCE is useless…. People keep dying. So what is that OSCE for? They record the facts. Everybody is saying “Peace, peace.” After they sign something. But what to sign with Poroshenko? … Poroshenko will start this [shelling Donetsk] all over again in 3 days. He will sign it and will go on with the same massacre in three days”.

The picture is clear: the citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics are afraid to live in one country with the Kiev junta, because they have already experienced that Poroshenko never keeps his word and will never stop the genocide against the people of Donbass who are considered subhumans as compared to “real Ukrainians” in the fascist ideology he believes in. And there have been already enough evidences of these facts.