06.02.2015 “Palm Tree” militiaman talk about the Kiev junta treatment of POWs [EoT TV DPR, 348th]

An interview with a Donetsk militiaman (call sign “Palm tree”) on February 6, just the next day after being exchanged as a prisoner of war (POW) and returning back to Donetsk from Ukrainian captivity.

“I was in captivity for ten days…. We have spent days in the pit and basement”



“We didn’t see the light of the day at all”
“We, to be honest, were taken to defecate only 2 or 3 times in 10 days… We were forced to use some flasks instead.”
“We were beaten. They kicked us towards one another.”
“They tortured one of us to death, buried him in a pit like a dog.”
“They keep militiaman as slaves.”

The Ukrainian army handle the POWs (the citizens of the South-East of Ukraine) as slaves… That is a true diagnosis for the Kiev junta, who consider that the whole South-East region is populated only by “subhuman creatures” (“untermenschen”)

This militiaman after his return from the Ukrainian captivity checked out what were the conditions of treatment of Ukrainian POWs at Donetsk. He was amazed: “they even have TV, not to say about the food and everything else.”

For me there is a clear difference between Donetsk militiamen, who treat their enemies, who came with heavy weapon to their region and kill their mothers, sisters and children, nevertheless as humans and provide them all required medical service, and Ukrainian junta, who treat not only the POWs as slaves, but the whole South-East region as “subhuman creatures” having bombed and killed them on daily basis.