02.02.2015 New victims of the punitive operation [EoT TV DPR, 340th issue]

On February 2 the district where a blood transfusion station is located got shelled by the Ukrainian army. As a result, one doctor of the station was seriously injured and a driver of ambulance was killed. The medical institution was damaged as well: 15 windows got blasted out, including the windows of the controlled area with sterile boxes.

Despite continuous risk of being shelled and killed inside the station or on the way to it, the medical staff has never stopped accepting donors and storing blood. This is a great example of the fortitude of people of Donetsk People’s Republic who do not surrender being constantly shelled by Ukrainian junta and who do their everyday jobs with honor and courage for the citizens of Donetsk People’s Republic in order to maintain the required level of medical, educational, municipal, supply and other services in the Republic.

This is the true spirit of heroism, the true spirit of antifascist resistance.