Delivery of humanitarian aid from the All-Russian Parents' Resistance to DPR [EoT TV DPR, 322]

The delivery of humanitarian aid from the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance to Communard township: its school, kindergarten, and to all citizens of the township, who required humanitarian aid.

A staff member of the Communard township commandant’s office, Natalja Dolgopolova, expressed huge gratitude for delivering of humanitarian aid. She noted that such help has been very much needed, and without it, the township would have been gone.

At the school lesson at Communard Township a letter addressed to the children of Donetsk from the children of Russia was read. Communard children were very happy to hear words of support from Russian children and sent them greetings at the video.
The school principal, Galina Ivanovna, expressed the words of gratitude to everyone, who participated in organizing the help for the school, especially to the children of Russia, who understand the problems of the schoolchildren of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

The humanitarian campaign “Children of Russia – to the children of Donbass” was organized by organization “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance”.