Delivery of Blood Plasma Med to Hospitals in Donetsk [EoT TV DPR, 312th issue]

Delivering of humanitarian aid from Russia to different medical organizations in Donetsk, such as the “Surgery Service of Donetsk Territorial Medical Union“, “Institute of Urgent and Restorative Surgery“, “Republic’s Traumatological Center in Donetsk”, “Donetsk Regional Center for Protection of Motherhood and Children” and others.

The directors and representatives of those medical organizations thanked Russians for their help on behalf of the medical staff and injured patients. A special thanks was addressed to the movement “Essence of Time” and non-profit Russian organization “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance” for their help in collecting humanitarian aids in Russia and transporting & distributing it then in Donetsk.

Below is the address of one of the subsidiaries of “Essence of Time” in Russia (in Rostov-on-Don), where anyone (from Germany, Italy, Spain and all other European countries) can send cloths, medicines and other pieces of humanitarian aid that will be then transported to people of Donetsk People’s Republic:
in Russian: 344010, г. Ростов-на-Дону, пер. Газетный (угол с ул. Варфоломеева), 121/262А, оф. 601
in English: 344010, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, pereulok Gazetniy (ugol s Varfolomeeva), 121/262A, office 601
More details are at this web site (in Russian):