Putin: There are attempts to undermine legitimate authorities in CIS states

08.11.2023, Moscow.

Some states want to undermine the legitimate power in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and disrupt ties between them, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on November 8 in a video message to the participants of the XI meeting of the Secretaries of Security Councils of the CIS Countries.

“The actions of some countries are directly aimed at undermining legitimate power, social stability and traditional values in the CIS countries, at disrupting our traditional close trade, cooperation, cultural ties,” the politician said.

He pointed out that common threats to the CIS countries remain. Among them, he named organized crime, drug trafficking, illegal migration, radicalism and extremism.

There are also dangers in economic, information, technological and biological security. It is necessary not only to react to these threats post facto, but also to carry out significant preventive work, Putin emphasized.

The CIS countries should use the potential of their security councils to study the situation in the commonwealth and in the world as a whole. They should prioritize and adjust strategic documents promptly, the politician said.

Putin called the international situation complex and tense, old conflicts are intensifying, and new ones are emerging, he emphasized. As an example, he mentioned the Middle East, “where a new round of Palestinian-Israeli confrontation has been provoked.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency