Israel suspends minister for threatening to drop nuclear bomb on Gaza

05.11.2023, Israel.

The threat to drop a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip was unacceptable and the Jewish state’s Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Amihai Eliyahu, has already been suspended from the government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, Kan Radio reported on November 5.

Amihai Eliyahu’s words are untrue and detached from reality,” Netanyahu emphasized.

He was quick to assure the world that Israel and its troops are committed to the highest standards of international law. And are supposedly acting so as “not to harm the unaffiliated” with Hamas Islamists.

However, his words contradict the reality of the long bombardment of residential neighborhoods in Gaza and the spread in Israeli society of the idea that all residents of the Palestinian enclave are involved in Hamas militants.

On November 5, Eliyahu agreed that a nuclear strike on the Gaza Strip would be one of the options for resolving the conflict. This was his response to a question from radio host Kol Berama about whether a nuclear bomb should be dropped on the Palestinian enclave. After the broadcast, the minister hastened to take back his words and assure that it was only a figurative statement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency