Estonian intelligence says Russia establishes fire control over roads to Avdeevka

04.11.2023, Tallin.

Ants Kiviselg, the head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center acknowledged that the Russian army established fire control over the roads leading to Avdeevka, ERR wrote on November 4.

“The Russian army seized all roads in the Avdeevka area and has fire control over them. This is really a big challenge for Ukrainian soldiers,” Kiviselg said.

The Estonian intelligence officer said the Russian soldiers’ successes were given by heavy losses, and their advance was aided by dry weather that has stood longer than usual this year. The military officer described artillery with drones and minefields as the main trump cards of the Ukrainian amilitants, who are in well-fortified positions.

Avdeevka direction has become the place where Russian troops are making efforts to encircle a large group of militants. The town of Avdeevka, which has turned into a serious fortification over the past eight years, is the closest territory to Donetsk, from where civilian objects of the capital of the Donetsk People’s Rebpulic are shelled daily.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency