Iran’s parliament draws red line on Israel’s actions in Gaza Strip

16.10.2023, Tehran.

Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip will be a red line for Tehran, Ebrahim Azizi, first deputy head of Iran’s parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy said, RIA Novosti quoted him as saying on October 16.

“Israel must realize that invading Gaza is a red line, that Palestine is waiting for Israel to make this grave mistake,” he said.

Azizi emphasized that if the Israeli authorities take this step and do not stop rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip, then they should wait for the opening of new fronts.

The official noted that in such a case, Tel Aviv may not be able to withstand, and the state power there will fall into decline, unable to withstand the strikes on several fronts.

On October 7, the Palestinian Hamas launched a ground operation against Israel. The fighters seized several military bases and penetrated into several cities.

In response, the Israeli Air Force began the bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Israel announced a blockade of the Gaza Strip and began preparations for a ground operation.

Earlier, the Permanent Mission of Iran to the UN said that the Iranian army would not engage in actions against the Israeli army if the Iranian territory is not attacked. The USA for its part held contacts with Tehran, warning it against involvement in the conflict.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency