Iranian Foreign Ministry: Hezbollah’s entry into the war will be an “earthquake” for Israel

14.10.2023, Beirut.

Hezbollah’s entry into the Middle East conflict would mean a “huge earthquake” for Israel, Iranian Foreign Minister Hosein Amir Abdollahian told a briefing in Beirut on October 14.

Abdollahian called on Israel to stop strikes on the Gaza Strip. Otherwise, the fighting will erupt in other parts of the Middle East as Hezbollah will enter the war. This would be a “huge earthquake” for Israel.

Abdollahian said Hezbollah has considered all war scenarios, and its fighters are fully prepared to enter the battle.

Earlier Hezbollah leaders said that they will not be stopped by calls not to intervene in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The organization is ready to engage in hostilities.

Hezbollah leaders have received warnings from representatives of major powers, Arab countries and the UN not to intervene in the conflict. However, the organization’s deputy group head Naim Qassem stated that Hezbollah was mindful of its responsibilities and was ready to engage in combat, said.

On October 7, Hamas fighters launched an attack on Israel. Its territory was subjected to a massive strike. The militants said they fired 5,000 rockets. The Israeli military talked about 3,000 fired rockets.

From the Gaza Strip, Israel was attacked by Hamas ground forces. Some Israeli settlements and military bases were captured.

The Israeli army launched a retaliatory operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Mobilization of reservists was announced.

Massive strikes are being carried out against Gaza. Many homes have been destroyed. Israel has declared a blockade of the Gaza Strip and cut off the water and electricity supply there, prohibited the supply of food and fuel.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency