Myśl Polska: Polish authorities ready to send Poles to fight for Ukraine

19.08.2023, Warsaw.

Michał Radzikowski expressed the opinion that Poland’s authorities are ready to send Polish soldiers to the Ukrainian front on August 18 in an article for Myśl Polska.

In the article, “Pumping Up the Hooray-Patriotism,” the author draws a parallel between today’s events and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

“Whoever sends defenseless people to the slaughter is simply a murderer, no matter what high slogans he justifies it with. There is no doubt that the decision to start the uprising was a political decision, not a military one,”  Myśl Polska expert notes.

Radzikowski believes that the decision to start the uprising in 1944 was dictated by the desire of the then-Polish elite to retain power. In the face of a possible Red Army offensive, it was necessary to preserve the influence of the Armia Krajowa and the London-based Polish government.

“There is also no doubt that both the Prime Minister and other decision makers would be willing to send Polish soldiers to the Ukrainian front in the name of ‘defense of the homeland’ against the imaginary Russian threat. The number of dead would mean nothing to them, just as it did not matter to their shameful memory of their predecessors,” Michał Radzikowski notes, discussing today’s events.

The Polish journalist believes that the desire to preserve power and paranoid obsessions in 1944 and today are hidden behind “the pathos of patriotic slogans and references to ethos and weightlessness.”

The German Nazis crushed the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, 200,000 citizens were killed, and the city was virtually destroyed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency