Le Monde: France’s intervention in Niger is considered acceptable in Bazoum’s entourage

19.08.2023, Paris.

An adviser to ousted Nigerian President Mohamed Bazouma confirmed the fact that the country’s former authorities signed “authorizations” for French military intervention in the country, Le Monde newspaper wrote on August 19.

The newspaper reported that an adviser close to the president confirmed that the existence of the request, earlier mentioned by the rebels.

“When we realized, in the first hours, that it was indeed a coup d’état, Niger’s acting prime minister, Asoumi Massoudou, requested … the support of France … France demanded written authorization,” an unnamed source told the newspaper.

Le Monde‘s source said that French units arrived at the Niger National Guard headquarters at four in the morning of July 27.

They arrived in a dozen vehicles and helicopters and were ready to start acting. But Mohamed Bazoum opposed the operation, claims a supporter of the president.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency