Russia tests new electronic warfare system Sapfir in zone of special military operation

31.07.2023, Moscow.

Russian military specialists tested a new electronic warfare system Sapfir designed to counter the work of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various types, TASS wrote on July 31.

“The electronic warfare system Sapfir was tested in the zone of the special military operation; it was used to defend units erecting engineering structures from drone raids,” the agency quotes its source in the defense-industrial complex as saying.

It is noted that the complex turned out to be effective, and Russian servicemen of the engineering units performed tasks using this system only.

Sapfir automatically detects and identifies the target, classifying the enemy drone according to its danger to the protected object. After that, the complex gives an alarm signal and automatically affects the UAV’s electronic systems.

Sapfir can detect unmanned objects at a distance of up to 30 km. Active counteraction is carried out within a radius of five kilometers. The complex can also suppress UAV ground control stations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency