Russian Foreign Ministry names conditions for withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Belarus

31.07.2023, Moscow.

It will be possible to discuss the possibility of withdrawal of Russian nuclear weapons from Belarus after the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Europe, said Director of the 2nd Department of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries of the Russia Foreign Ministry Aleksey Polishchuk, RIA Novosti wrote on July 31.

Polishchuk recalled that Russia deployed nuclear weapons (NWs) in Belarus in response “to the longstanding destabilizing nuclear policy of NATO and Washington” and recent “fundamental changes” in European security. He emphasized that deploying Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus was a forced measure.

Polischuk said that the talks about a hypothetical withdrawal of Russian nuclear weapons could be started only after the United States and NATO abandon their destructive course, US nuclear weapons will be withdrawn from Europe, and the relevant infrastructure will be eliminated.

The agreement on the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus was reached in April 2023.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency