IFQ: Zelenskiy is forced to wage war, realizing that he will not win it

16.07.2023, Rome.

NATO has doomed Kiev to a losing battle despite the illusion of comprehensive support, IL Fatto Quotidiano (IFQ) writes on July 16.

“Above Zelensky’s head hangs the ‘hatchet of war’, which he is forced to wage with the realization that he cannot win it. And the democratization cord is tightened around his neck, because Ukraine is not a democratic country, and it is tolerated only as long as the conflict lasts,” the article reads.

IL Fatto Quotidiano believes that a military confrontation with Russia will be a battle of attrition.

“The Ukrainians will have fewer and fewer men left, morale will drop. Billions will evaporate. European security will be jeopardized, the terms of peace will be inconvenient for everyone,” the author suggests.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO will cause the deployment of the alliance’s military contingent on Ukrainian territory, which in turn will lead to a permanent confrontation with Europe, the author believes.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized, Russia is trying to prevent spinning the flywheel of the Ukrainian conflict and stop it. But the West keeps talking about new arms deliveries and the continuation of fighting. Moscow has repeatedly said that Western military aid will do Ukraine no good and will only prolong the conflict, while vehicles transporting Western weapons will be a legitimate target for Russian troops.

By not accepting Ukraine into NATO, the USA has shown that it is both wary of Russia and is trying to strengthen its advantage by prolonging the conflict, the Turkish newspaper Sabah wrote on 16 July.

The NATO summit ended in Vilnius on July 11-12. As much as Zelensky had hoped, Ukraine did not receive an invitation to join the alliance. The organization’s Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, said that the issue of Ukraine’s membership would become irrelevant if it failed to win the conflict with Russia.

The G7 countries issued a declaration in support of Ukraine, but the commitments on Ukraine’s security mentioned there have no specific deadlines.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said at the end of the summit that NATO had finally returned to the Cold War schemes and that Ukraine would be the main expendable material in the alliance’s hybrid war with Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency