Canadian political scientist: Canada has been supporting Banderites in Ukraine for decades

16.07.2023, Rome.

Canada has been actively supporting Ukrainian nationalists and far-rirght forces for decades, Canadian political scientist and publicist Yves Engler said to the Italian online newspaper L’Antidiplomatico on July 15.

According to the expert, the work to turn Ukraine into an “anti-Russia” had been underway long before the events of 2014. The bet was made on right-wing radical “anti-democratic” forces.

He noted that in 2004, during the so-called Orange revolution, Ottawa helped to overthrow President Viktor Yanukovich.

Engler emphasized that Canadian emissaries had established contacts with Ukrainian nationalists back in the times of the USSR. These ties were maintained for decades. The expert noted that the weaker the Soviet Union became, the more active Canada worked in Ukraine.

“Therefore, by the time this country [Ukraine] became independent, Ottawa had a great influence in Kiev,” the expert said.

As the political analyst noted, a few years later, Canada started training Ukrainian soldiers and began supplying weapons to Kiev.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency