Spy implant found in Apple devices of Russian users

22.03.2023, Moscow.

Employees of Kaspersky Lab detected an implant that steals personal data in Apple devices, TASS informed on June 22, citing the organization’s press service.

While examining Apple mobile devices, experts discovered personal data theft. It turned out that the tech contained TriangleDB spy implants.

“Kaspersky Lab experts discovered how attackers collected victim data during the Operation Triangulation campaign. To do this, they used a spyware implant dubbed TriangleDB. This malware provides attackers with covert surveillance capabilities and works exclusively in the memory of the device, so all traces of its work are removed when the device is rebooted,” the Kaspersky Lab said.

MacOS can also be vulnerable to similar attacks. The implant was introduced by using a kernel vulnerability to gain superuser privileges on an iOS device. After a reboot, all traces of the spyware implant disappeared, but the phone could easily be reinfected.

This was done by sending a new iMessage with a malicious attachment.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency