Kurginyan: Our defense industry must grow, whatever it costs

22.06.2023, Moscow.

We need to develop our defense industry as quickly as we can regardless of how much money it takes, the leader of the Essence of Time social movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on June 6 in a new issue of his author’s broadcast Destiny.

We must develop our defense industry as quickly as we can without thinking about how much money it takes, be it 5, or 7, or 10 per cent of our budget, as much as it takes for the sake of peace on the globe! Para bellum – be prepared for a war, and then it will not happen,” Kurginyan said.

In his opinion, peace came previously when the power of two collective opposing super-powers was ultimately high, and the conflict was soft enough for a balance to establish. And there cannot be another kind of peace, the political scientist believes.

Therefore, the first thing we should do is develop as fast as we can, and second, we need to understand how the situation will continue. All we have as an advantage is our population, which is greater then our enemy’s, or our mobilization potential, in military terms. Theoretically, we have a seven-fold advantage in it, the political scientist said.

He noted that if the West arms Ukraine in a way that its technical potential exceeds ours, Russia will be dead.

Therefore, we should build up our potential in a way to at least make it equal, and then we have an advantage in manpower, which will be decisive for a long-term distance, because they will not deploy any other kind of a potential here. As far as I understand, these are the rules of the game, the political scientist said.

Kurginyan also noted that, because a reality of Russia’s integration into Europe was formed over a long period, we need different capabilities in our defense industry, a different army with very high salaries, patriotic spirit, promotion of new military doctrines, different training methods etc. And our army needs to be 3.5 million strong.

And this is not easy to do. We should use all our effort for this; our life should remain as normal as possible under such circumstances in order to avoid annoying other strata of our population, but this normality will be gradually reducing, Kurginyan said.

He said that those who do not like this should be softly and delicately directed to places where a normal life will continue, if it does anywhere.

Neither the USA nor we want a major nuclear war. We do not need a collapse of the humanity, we need history to continue, which is only possible if our concept of humanity and theirs are opposite to develop the world in this competition, the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency