Kurginyan: Late-Soviet elite had no doubts that the country would integrate into Europe

22.06.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The idea of Russia integrating into Europe existed became a creed for many late-Soviet high-ranking officials and was beyond any discussions, political scientist, philosopher, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan stated on June 6 in the new issue of his original broadcast Destiny.

According to the political scientist, in Soviet times, the Western-oriented Soviet people could not be indiscriminately called anti-patriotic, because their ideas about the good were based on constant communication with Westerners, who dreamed of a certain vector of Russia’s development.

“I believe that among the Westernists there were quite patriotic people, advocates for the good of Russia, and so on and so forth. What did they promise? ‘Imagine how cool everything will be, we will discard all sorts of appendages, Transcaucasian, Central Asian and so on’,” Kurginyan explained.

He noted that this was justified by the idea of building at least an imitation democracy, in which the opinion of the rapidly growing population of Islamic republics could eventually become more important than that of the Russian population of the USSR.

Kurginyan pointed out that the Westernists discussed the country’s future in a specific way, “We’re Russians, do we need all these – as they said – ‘wogs’? That’s why we will get rid of these ‘underbellies’ – and it will get better!”

The politician also noted that the second component of the Soviet Westernists’ “dream” of Russia integrating into Europe was to create a strong state capable of supplanting the United States. Pro-Western politicians envisioned buying industrial funds with petrodollars and the Communist party’s special funds after integrating into Europe, and then moving on to create joint armed forces with Europe.

“We will become the biggest power in Europe, we will have incredible nuclear forces that will supersede anything which collective Europe has at its disposal,” they thought. These components of European life were to ensure that US bases were removed out of Europe.

Kurginyan stressed that the idea of a European dream captured many minds, and was not criticized. Kurgin continued to describe the general framework of the prevailing idea at the time, “The idea was that we’re actually going to integrate into Europe – even if we have to cripple there or repent for the Soviet past – but in reality we shall capture Europe from the inside and then gain full control of it and rule it firmly.”

According to the leader of the Essence of Time movement, the dream of Soviet Westernists about world power through integration into Europe was so appealing that it became a creed:

So, isnt this the dream? And the means of production will be powerful, and there will be no need for another Stalinist industrialization, and we will use all the capabilities of the West. And we will take control of the West, because we are the strongest, the biggest, we have the major nuclear forces. And most importantly, we’re going to kick the Yankees out of there!

And when we kick the Yankees out, we’re going to create something in Europe, spread it to Asia, and then we’re going to finish the Yankees off. And this will be the main dream, the fulfillment of the main dream of overcoming US imperialism, of our victory on a global scale, then the victory will really be global, worldwide, and so on,” Kurginyan explained.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency