Italian general: Kiev will not be able to resist without the West

10.06.2023, Rome.

The Kiev regime will not be able to resist without help from the West, the former chief of staff of the Italian armed forces, General Claudio Graziano, said, the newspaper La Stampa wrote on June 10.

According to him, Europe has allocated funds for weapons for the Kiev regime, but they still have to be produced. The current armaments are enough only for limited offensives.

“Russia is also rebuilding its arsenals, but it has a structural weakness stemming from the economic situation… On the other hand, Ukraine can do nothing without the West,” Graziano said.

He noted that now the conflict has stuck at the Dnepr. According to his estimates, the confrontation will be long.

Earlier, the head of the German defense concern Rheinmetall said that it would take six to ten years for the Western countries to make up for the losses in ammunition.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency