Crimea’s head: Two Ukrainian ballistic missiles shot down in Crimea

10.06.2023, Simferopol.

Two ballistic missiles launched by the Ukrainian armed forces were shot down in Crimea by the anti-aircraft defense forces, regional head Sergey Aksyonov said on his Telegram channel on June 10.

According to the message, two ballistic missiles launched by the Ukrainian operational-tactical missile system (OTRK) Grom-2 were shot down over Crimea on the morning of June 10. “There were no victims or casualties as a result of the attack,” Aksyonov noted.

Earlier, Crimea was attacked by Grom-2 ballistic missiles on May 6.

The Grom-2 tactical missile system is a post-Soviet development of Ukraine. The complex includes a self-propelled launcher, a surface-to-surface ballistic missile, a control center, and other means for carrying out assigned tasks.

The main production site of the Grom-2 MLRS at the Yuzhmash plant in Dnipropetrovsk was destroyed by the Russian Air Force back in September 2022.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency