Russia must pay back its enemies in their own coin. Opinion

03.06.2023, Moscow.

Russia should not only possess technical capabilities, but also not hesitate to use them against its enemies, political analyst Rafael Ordukhanian said in a conversation with Rossa Primavera News Agency on June 2.

The political analyst commented on information that Russian counterintelligence revealed an operation by US intelligence agencies to infect thousands of iPhones with malware, including those belonging to Russian diplomats.

According to the expert, Russia should achieve parity in information technology, just as it once achieved nuclear parity.

And the available military technologies should be used to protect the interests of our country, the expert believes.

“Even though we have these technologies, unfortunately, we do not use them. I’m talking about military technologies that we could use against our enemies. And this is also part of our confrontation,” said the political scientist.

According to him, on the one hand, the Russian leadership should have the political will “to use any means against our enemies. Our enemies don’t hesitate to do so.”

“They hack our phones, they blow up our gas pipelines, they seize our property, they do absolutely everything, but seeing such impunity, they are even more motivated to do it in the future,” the expert believes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency