Achieving IT parity with the USA is as nuclear parity. Opinion

03.06.2023, Moscow.

Russia should achieve parity in IT technologies with the United States, just as it achieved nuclear parity in its time, political scientist Rafael Ordukhanian said in a conversation with Rossa Primavera News Agency on June 2.

The political analyst thus commented on information that Russian counterintelligence revealed an operation by US intelligence agencies to infect thousands of iPhones with malware, including those belonging to Russian diplomats.

According to the political analyst, the United States is using its advantage in information technology, social networks, computer software and everything related to this directly against Russia.

“Here we should understand that just as we achieved parity in the field of nuclear weapons in its time, we must now achieve exactly the same parity,” Ordukhanyan said.

In his opinion, “if we don’t do it soon, if we don’t develop our information and technological base connected with Internet use, connected with computer technologies, it means we will always be the targets of such an attack.”

“It will then be the most common blackmail. Only before there was nuclear blackmail, it only lasted four years. In this situation, they will blackmail us until we take action against them,” the expert believes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency