French maritime gendarmerie investigates causes of damage to a military frigate under construction

26.05.2023, Rennes.

In the administrative center of the French region of Brittany, in the commune of Rennes, an investigation into the damage to a warship under construction was launched, the French newspaper Le Figaro informed on May 25.

According to preliminary data, several cables on the French military frigate of the new generation of FDI type were damaged. The ship itself was to join the French Navy in 2024. The maritime gendarmerie investigates the case.

France ordered a total of five frigates from the Naval Group shipbuilding company, while Greece ordered three. The 122-meter-long ship is to be manned by a crew of 125 sailors. It can take a helicopter and an airborne drone, as well as a special operations detachment with their light landing gear. According to a Naval Group spokesman, a frigate will use digital technology, including cyber-secured software.

In addition to anti-submarine and surface warfare, it should be particularly effective in anti-aircraft warfare with Sea Fire radar, a French naval radar system with an active antenna. Its multifunctional active antenna is supposed to provide a continuous 360° view, which further increases the reaction speed to a high-speed flying aircraft.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency