Russian Defense Ministry: Hazardous biological research was conducted in Kherson Oblast

06.05.2023, Moscow.

On the order of the Pentagon, dangerous biological research was carried out on the territory of the Faltz-Fein Biosphere Nationalpark in the Askania Nova village in the Kherson region, said Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, commander of the Russian NBC Protection Troops, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry informed on May 5.

It is specified that the Pentagon received strains of hazardous infections from the national park.

“The main objectives of the research conducted in Askania Nova were to collect and transfer strains of hazardous and economically significant infections to the customer – the US military department – and study their possible impact on the biological situation in the region, as well as to find out the ability of selected pathogens to cause large-scale outbreaks among people, similar to the new coronavirus pandemic,” the press service informs.

It is emphasized that documents have been found in the laboratory’s archive, which confirm the transfer abroad of biomaterial taken from birds.

It is reported that national park’s employees conducted dangerous biological research until 2022. Kirillov connected mass bird deaths in 2021 with the experiments in the national park in the Kherson region.

Kirillov stated that the Pentagon is expanding its military-biological presence in various regions of the world. This has dramatically increased the level of bio-threats from the US side, the lieutenant general stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency